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As a service to users we are creating a series of posts we are calling “Directory Digest” to summarize recent additions to our Mentors and Coaches Directory.  Click here to search for, and find, full listings. Within the Directory the Lens Categories shown for each listing can be searched according to the personal capabilities upon

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Introducing the Lens In researching the literature relating to developing one’s personal capabilities in order to achieve the most one can in life we realized there was a need to distill the mass of information down into essential elements. The idea being to help bring clarity to how to appreciate where one is now,


Mentors vs Coaches

Monday, 05 January 2015 by

Comparing approaches Rather than the well-worn path of starting with dictionary definitions or my version of a comparison table, my approach is one of personal reflection. What does it mean to me? One way I think of the difference is that mentoring is ‘à la carte’ vs coaching’s ‘buffet’ in these respects. Mentoring is more



Monday, 22 December 2014 by

CoachingCloud is an online platform for Coaches and Mentors to: develop their own skills and competencies with their Buddy Coaching System to manage the principle aspects of their business in a highly professional manner Their site clearly publishes various rates for using the platform depending on whether you are an Individual, an Enterprise growing your

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Alan Hall has contributed a number of great articles to from which great pointers regarding leadership, mentoring and learning can be taken.  Among them is this great article which gives tribute to Stephen Covey as one of his mentors. It begins: “Expert advisors are a business builder’s best friends and resources. We might also

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Why I always wanted a Mentor

Monday, 24 November 2014 by

Why I always wanted a Mentor It is highly unlikely that any career guidance counselor would have even conceived of the path my working life has taken.  For a year and a half after graduating from college I did follow the well-trodden path of an articled clerk working his way to qualification as a Chartered