Your Habits and Tendencies

Bad habits can wreck you, great habits can make you !
So how do you build the habits that fuel a great life and eliminate the ones that take you down?

From an Interview with Jon Fields of the Good Life Project:

“Everything you’ve been told about building and breaking habits may well be wrong. Or, at the very least, missing a critical middle step.
Creating good habits is one of the master keys for living a good life. But, it’s hard. Really hard. And, it turns out, the reason it’s so hard may not be your fault. It may, in fact, be that you’ve been given misinformation.

According to mega NYT bestselling author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, in her new book, Better Than Before, there’s been a missing piece in the habit puzzle and she’s got the answer.
In this fast-paced, incredibly-revealing conversation, Rubin lays bare they myth of the one-method-for-all-people approach to habits. To create or change a habit, she offers, you first need to understand which of 4 key personality types you are. Then, tailor your approach to your specific personality needs”

Gretchen offers us a free, easy-to-complete quiz that illuminates your own habits and tendencies.
Take the Quiz here

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