Wisdom in the Age of Information

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One of our favorite sites for insight is Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. Her posts are invariably to the point, clearly written, like the article we feature here, it is well-worth the read.  Why?  Because it directly relates to what we are trying to do with i.e. help people navigate through the vast oceans of information and passionate claims.  Why else?  Because, having been responsible for the construction of over 200 yachts I am rather partial to seafaring analogies.

To quote from her article:

I think of it this way:

Information is having a library of books on shipbuilding. Knowledge applies that to building a ship. Access to the information — to the books — is a prerequisite for the knowledge, but not a guarantee of it.

Once you’ve built your ship, wisdom is what allows you to sail it without sinking, to protect it from the storm that creeps up from the horizon in the dead of the night, to point it just so that the wind breathes life into its sails.

Moral wisdom helps you tell the difference between the right direction and the wrong direction in steering the ship.”

Enjoy !

“Wisdom in the Age of Information and the Importance of Storytelling in Making Sense of the World: An Animated Essay” – Thoughts on navigating the open sea of knowledge

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