The Truths and Myths of Lifestyle Design

“21st Century Workplace” interview by Actionable Books-with Dr. Joanna Martin:

Dr. Joanna Martin is a speaker, author, lifestyle coach and entrepreneur. She not only coaches lifestyle design, but lives it wholeheartedly. In this episode of our look at finding rhythm in a non-stop world, Dr. Joanna discusses the myths and truths surrounding lifestyle design.

Highlights of our conversation with Dr. Joanna include:
• Jo’s ‘squiggly’ career from medical doctor to theater to her current occupation and what changed her career path
• Tips to make lifestyle decisions proactively rather than reactively
• Why big, terrifying and scary doesn’t work, but small (often internal) steps do
• The importance of clarifying through experimentation and knowing how you want to show up in the world
• Why rhythm is at the core of everything

Listen here

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