Tony Robbins – Wheel of Life Assessment Test

7 Areas of Constant Growth for an Extraordinary Life – by Tony Robbins:

“All of us have gaps between where we are and where we want to be. As achievers we know that whatever we focus on, we will find a way to achieve. The challenge so many of us face is in finding balance. If you want an extraordinary life, there are seven areas of focus you must master: Physical Body, Emotions & Meaning, Relationships, Time, Career & Mission, Finances, and Contribution & Spirituality. Like spokes on a wheel, if one or more of these areas is out of balance, you are going to experience pain”

“While all 7 areas of life are important, there is a hierarchy that creates peak performance and fulfillment. If you don’t master your body—your capacity to maximize your health, energy and vitality—all the money, career success or contribution in the world will be worthless. Stay tuned over the next 7 weeks as we walk you through the keys to mastering all seven areas, starting with, of course, the physical body”.

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