The “Myth” of Working for Free

by Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project

Working for Free: The Good, The Bad, The Truth:

After years of paying to wear your favorite shoes, you’re getting paid to be seen in them.
After years of speaking for free and paying to travel, you’re now getting paid to speak.
After years of buying your favorite meals, jewels and gear, you’re getting paid to eat, wear and use them.
After years of writing for free, you’re getting paid to contribute.
How did this happen? How do you go from working for “free” or even paying for the “privilege” to getting paid to do the exact same thing?

It’s all about a little thing called “brand hand.” It’s the defining element in your ability to make the leap from paying to learn to being paid to build your own brand.

And it’s what we’re diving into in today’s Good Life Project Riff.
Along the way, we’ll bust some huge myths about what’s really happening when you’re working for “free.” We’ll come to the realization that it’s never really about free versus paid, but rather cash versus non-cash compensation.

We’ll dive into how and when “free” is not only okay, but smart, when it should be off the table and how to leverage this experience to make the leap from non-cash compensation to cold, hard money.

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