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Alan Hall has contributed a number of great articles to from which great pointers regarding leadership, mentoring and learning can be taken.  Among them is this great article which gives tribute to Stephen Covey as one of his mentors. It begins: “Expert advisors are a business builder’s best friends and resources. We might also

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The Passion Test

Thursday, 11 December 2014 by

The premise here is that by taking the Passion Test one can discover and follow your passions in life. There is an online hosted ebook “About The Passion Test” designed to ask poignant questions of oneself as a prelude to paying for taking the guided test.  Click Here For those interested there is an invitation

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The following two links are to sample worksheets from Jennifer Lee‘s book Building Your Business The Right Brain Way. The book has a series of worksheets and success stories that are also available in a supported Home Study eCourse.  The worksheets help by asking useful questions of oneself to get an idea of whether one

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Books to Engage and Energize the Mind and the Spirit. click here  

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This article on Strategy+Business, the online magazine published by PwC Strategy& Inc. takes the form of a very digestible Q&A with Wharton Professor Katherine Milkman.  It is a good example of articles that we will be featuring that, while having the business (consulting) world in mind, also serve individuals seeking self-improvement. Topics covered include resolving


Wisdom in the Age of Information

Sunday, 09 November 2014 by

One of our favorite sites for insight is Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. Her posts are invariably to the point, clearly written, like the article we feature here, it is well-worth the read.  Why?  Because it directly relates to what we are trying to do with i.e. help people navigate through the vast oceans of

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