Mastering Creativity

by James Clear:

James Clear is an entrepreneur, weightlifter and travel photographer in 20+ countries. His website, is the home of my life’s work and is read by over 200,000 unique visitors each month. As a keynote speaker and panelist he have delivered speeches throughout the US and Europe, to audiences as large as 2,000 people. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biomechanics from Denison University where he was also an ESPN Academic All-American baseball pitcher. James earned his MBA from Ohio State University

“I’m not sure what your creative goals are, but I am sure that you can make progress towards them. I wrote Mastering Creativity to share the lessons I’ve learned and to express one simple truth about creativity: you have brilliance inside of you, but only if you can find the guts and grit to pull it out of yourself”

Let’s get to it…
1. How to overcome the mental blocks that prevent creativity.
2. How to be creative, even if it’s not natural for you.
3. How to make time for creative work if you’re busy.
4. How the world’s greatest artists approach the task of creating.
5. How to make creating a consistent habit.
6. Why smart people should create things.
7. One simple trick that makes it easier to be creative.
8. How to stay motivated over the long run.
9. Why it is important to generate a lot of work to find your creativity.
10. Most importantly, how to make these ideas a habit in real life

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