“Listful Thinking”

by Paula Rizzo.
Book executive summary by Karina Mikhli for

What do Madonna, Richard Branson and Martha Stewart all have in common? Besides being incredibly successful, they’re all long-time list makers. Listful Thinking offers tips and tricks for both the beginner and veteran list makers on the various lists you should be keeping as well as the latest apps and tools to help you keep track of your ideas, thoughts and tasks.

Paula Rizzo, an award-winning senior health producer at, learned to be organized at work but didn’t think to use these same skills in her personal life until her husband and she were apartment hunting in NYC. The “hunt” wasn’t going well and she couldn’t remember what she had seen or liked from apartment to apartment. This prompted her to create a checklist to use when walking through an apartment, which not only helped her find an apartment she loved, but that she then loaned to a friend and her realtor and led to her starting This book—Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful, and Less Stressed—brings together some of her best tips and tricks.

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