When It Comes To Creativity, Are Two Heads Better Than One?

NPR review of Author Joshua Wolf Shenks’ book on Creativity:

Joshua Wolf Shenk doesn’t believe in the myth of the lone genius. “What has one person ever done alone?” he asks NPR’s Robert Siegel. “We think of Martin Luther King and Sigmund Freud and Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs as these great solo creators, but in fact, if you look into the details of their life, they are enmeshed in relationships all the way through.”

Take Steve Jobs: “Jobs created Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak,” says Shenk. “Flash-forward to the end of his life, a lot of the great work at the height of Apple was done with this design guru, Jonathan Ive. That’s not an isolated story. That is the story of creativity. It’s just not been told well before.”

On the creative partnership between John Lennon and Paul McCartney….

for commentary on the Book and Podcast interview, see more here

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