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I expect most, if not all, of us have seen articles and lists about people who have failed along their road to success.  This one on is featured because it is masterfully brief, fun and indeed, potentially, inspirational. 23 Incredibly Successful People Who Failed At First    

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This article on Strategy+Business, the online magazine published by PwC Strategy& Inc. takes the form of a very digestible Q&A with Wharton Professor Katherine Milkman.  It is a good example of articles that we will be featuring that, while having the business (consulting) world in mind, also serve individuals seeking self-improvement. Topics covered include resolving

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There is a lot of good, practical advice relating to how to engage with a mentor on Lewis Howes’ site. In particular this episode in his webcast series: In This Episode, You Will Learn: What works and what doesn’t when reaching out to mentors Why I like to pay all my coaches The 3

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