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Eight Essentials of Innovation

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 by

by Marc de Jong, Nathan Marston and Erik Roth for McKinsey Insights It’s no secret: innovation is difficult for well-established companies. By and large, they are better executors than innovators, and most succeed less through game-changing creativity than by optimizing their existing businesses. Innovation and Creativity: In this engaging presentation, McKinsey principal Nathan Marston explains

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by Todd Henry of The Accidental Creative : The best ideas are typically not “out of the blue” revelations. They are most often the result of multiple existing ideas converging at the right place and time, and yielding an insight. As Steven Johnson wrote about in his book Where Good Ideas Come From, brilliant insights

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by Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project: “When you take art, the thing you are actually learning to do is to see.” Do you remember being a kid and loving to draw? But at some point early on you learned that your art wasn’t good enough? So you stopped. What if you had learned

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from On Being-by Krista Tippett: We live in a world that is recreating itself one life and one digital connection at a time. On this landscape for which there are no maps, Seth Godin is a singular thought leader and innovator in what he describes as our post-industrial “connection economy.” Rather than merely tolerate change,

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IDEO U is an online school where anyone can unlock their creative potential through design thinking and collaboration. It’s an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations innovate and grow. They take a similar approach to online learning at IDEO U. They’re about serving and supporting our students by

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Mastering Creativity

Wednesday, 08 April 2015 by

by James Clear: James Clear is an entrepreneur, weightlifter and travel photographer in 20+ countries. His website, is the home of my life’s work and is read by over 200,000 unique visitors each month. As a keynote speaker and panelist he have delivered speeches throughout the US and Europe, to audiences as large as

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