Waking Up Men

Coach Benoit Foucher:

Benoit’s mission is to assist men to develop talents, passions and contributions. Defining success in our own terms is the only real way to become successful. Men who do this create significant positive changes in the world.

More from Benoit:
“I profoundly believe we need to redefine success. All of us and in particularly we, men. Personally, I don’t buy into the “more is better” dream anymore: more money, more sex, more fancy cars or great holidays on paradise islands. I mean, it’s cool, it gives some pleasure and hey, after a while, boring. You don’t have to agree with me, I just feel there is much more to explore in a life.

I also believe our world needs people who thrive by developing their talents and contributing to others. And this is a definition of success that fits me, and maybe you if you’re here.

Finally, I believe we need role models of real confident men, possessing qualities such as determination, drive, focus, and also sensitivity, emotional intelligence and compassion. Authentic men who know where they’re going, and also who are able to recognize their own vulnerabilities, which I believe is at the end a real strength. And we can all improve in this”

To learn more about Coach Benoit’s “4 Keystones for Waking Up Men”
read his Framework here

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