Todd Henry ’s “ Die Empty Workbook ”

from Todd Henry and the Accidental Creative:
This workbook contains questions, prompts, and other tools to help you consider and apply the ideas contained in my Book, Die Empty.

Brilliant work is no accident. It’s the result of focused, intentional, and aligned effort over the course of time. By building regular checkpoints into your life to gauge your progress, you are far more likely to stay on a course of meaningful contribution.

Set aside some time each day to consider the 7 “deadly sins” and the associated countermanding principles, then choose a decisive course of action to help you act today on what matters most to you. If you do this often enough, you will most certainly begin to find that your body of work is reflective of what you care about.

Have you ever noticed that most career paths are not straight?
Actually, they’re quite “squiggly”. Many people who become successful make their mark in a way they never intended. You have to recognize that your career path, especially in today’s marketplace, is going to have a lot of twists and turns.
To embrace the squiggle, you have to cultivate self-awareness and confidence. One of the things that keeps people in a place of passive compliance with their present circumstances is a lack of belief in their ability to change them.

Here are 4 key aptitudes you need to develop in order to embrace the squiggle:
• Self-confidence (you need to believe that you can create change)
• Self-awareness (you have to know your strengths and weaknesses)
• Mastery (you have to develop diverse skills and know when to use them)
• Relational intelligence (you have to know how to work well with others)

If you develop these 4 aptitudes you will be better positioned to identify and “follow the muse”, and ultimately to make the contribution of which you are uniquely capable.

To download the workbook companion from Die Empty, and to help you develop these 4 aptitudes, click here

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