The Value of Mindfulness in Business

Interview with Ellen Langer, by Art Kleiner- Editor in Chief of Strategy + Business Magazine:

Harvard University social psychology professor Ellen Langer says organizations can make better decisions by setting the right context.
A pioneer in mindfulness research, she says that companies can promote innovation and their own rejuvenation by setting the right context.

To Langer, most people are much more capable than they think they are. The way they think holds back their capabilities. But when a context forces people out of their ingrained, self-imposed limits (“I am old”), it makes them mindful. They have to approach the world freshly, with a beginner’s mind, in a way that has an enormous positive effect. Langer, who is 67 and the first woman to gain tenure in Harvard’s psychology department, has conducted dozens of studies of changed context—involving such diverse situations as aging, recovery from disease, individual creativity, organizational innovation, the management of disabilities, and addiction. And they all share a theme: Cultivated mindfulness can change your life.

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