The Fastest (& Least Scary) Solution to a Miserable Job

Interview with Simon Sinek and Scott Dinsmore of

Simon’s Start with Why concept (“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”) has become somewhat of an international sensation over the past few years. His first TED Talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action, now ranks as one of the top TED Talks of all-time at over 21 million views.

Today, we dive into the findings from his recent research and book, Leader’s Eat Last. After reading it, I could not believe how perfect of a fit it was for dealing with a job you hate, doing work you love and living your legend. No, it’s not just about leadership – not even close. And certainly not in the way you’d imagine.

One of my favorite things about Simon’s work is how he manages to make his concepts so incredibly simple and practical, yet at the same time, they’re capable of achieving such immediate and lasting results.

You’ll learn what you can do right this second, to turn a miserable job into something that inspires you. Hint: it’s 100% in your control!

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