Ron Friedman Interview on the Surprising Science of Workplace Bliss

Ron Friedman Interview on the Surprising Science of Workplace Bliss 
– by Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project

Your workplace has a profound impact on not only the quality of your work, but also the quality of your life. Yes, even if you work alone.

So, what really matters?
We get the surprising answers based on new research with award-winning psychologist, Ron Friedman

“Rather than making perfection the goal, make improvement the goal.”
If your work environment and culture empty you out, it will make it near impossible to live a good life. Along the way, it’ll make the business your working for grind to a halt. And, if you happen own that business, then you end up in a personal and professional world of hurt.

So, what makes for a great work culture and environment?
We point to companies like Google as a shining example of incredible performance based on a creative culture, a beautiful campus and innovative and engaging projects with plenty of time to do crazy things.
But, what’s really going on there? Turns out there’s science behind it.

Ron Friedman, is a genius in this realm, having spent years of his career researching, coaching, and writing about the actual levers that aid in creating the best places to work. He breaks down the academic studies into layman’s terms, cites fascinating examples from real companies who are changing the norm, and shares nuggets from his new book The Best Place to Work.

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur, working in a large company, or preparing to enter the work force, it’s important to understand what’s changing in our work methods and what still needs to change.

Listen to the Interview here

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