Storied Careers: 40+ Story Practitioners Talk About Applied Storytelling

A Quintessential Careers Press publication-by Michael Margolis:

“As CEO and founder of Get Storied, I lead a learning company devoted to transformational storytelling. Our mission is to humanize business by teaching innovators and change-makers how to translate epic ideas into cultural acceptance. Our vision is to build the largest global learning community devoted to in-depth, actionable, and transformational teachings on storytelling”

Imagine an international conversation about many applications of storytelling. That’s what this book aspires to.
“Applied storytelling” covers a wide range of disciplines, such as organizational storytelling, storytelling for marketing and branding, storytelling for job search and career advancement personal
storytelling/life writing/memoir writing and more.

The book is an outgrowth of the series of Q&A interviews I’ve conducted with story practitioners since Sept. 2, 2008, on my blog, A Storied Career. In turn, that series of Q&As was inspired by a long running and popular series of Q&As with career professionals on the parent site of A Storied Career, Quintessential Careers.
The book encompasses over 403 practitioners from the United States, the UK, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Sweden, and France.

read the Online version and learn more here

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