Life Transition Tools

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The Eos Life-Work website is authored by Dai Williams, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.  It deals specifically with how to recognise and manage significant changes in life.

The EOS Life-Work Resource Centre presents an excellent series of graphs illustrating an introduction to theories and tools for managing life transitions.

Of particular note is the EOS Lifeline Chart – a worksheet designed as a 30 minute exercise inviting you to reflect on your life so far, your formative influences (people and events), past changes you have experienced and how you coped with them. Being aware of one’s past can help to value the good times and to accept, or at least understand times of distress. We cannot change the past.But we have choices about how it influences and inspired our present and future.

The site also provides a link to a Excel spreadsheet tool “Get-a-Life” that you can use to determine your life-work balance

Check out the Career First Aid page too

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