Lazy: A Manifesto

from Tim Ferriss of the Four Hour Workweek:

This post might change your life!

It contains a short audio essay titled “Lazy: A Manifesto.”

We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider, a dazzling collection of humor and insight, is the newest book in the Tim Ferriss Book Club. I loved this book so much that I reached out to Tim and we produced the audiobook together. “Lazy: A Manifesto” is one small chapter.

If you want to stop feeling rushed, this might be just the medicine you need. If you want to burst into hysterical laughter in airports and freak out everyone (as I did), look no further. If you want to say “That’s exactly how I feel, but I’ve never had the words to express it!” this book delivers. There’s a chapter for everyone.

Click here to listen to the Interview

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