Kristin Behfar on How We Fight at Work, and Why It Matters

by Laura W. Geller for Strategy + Business Magazine:

The Darden School of Business professor describes a new framework for predicting conflict outcomes.

You know the types. There’s the office yeller, intimidating others with vitriolic rant. There’s the passive-aggressive underminer, nodding assent but then dragging her feet. There’s the colleague who gets angry over a perceived slight, but then quickly shifts tone. Conflict in the workplace is pervasive and unavoidable. And it isn’t always a bad thing. A healthy debate can ensure that diverse perspectives are considered, clarify a dilemma, or light the fire a team needs to move from a stalemate to a creative solution. But when they turn ugly, conflicts are distressing and divisive. As they escalate, they strain relationships and put teams at risk.

Check out the interesting Chart-“Charting Conflict” in the PDF version.
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