Keys to Success as a Transformational Trainer, Speaker or Coach

by / Friday, 19 June 2015 / Published in Community, Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Podcasts

by Jack Canfield Consulting Group:

You’ll discover the life changing career opportunities others have experienced – once they gave themselves PERMISSION to live their life long dream – helping others

You’ll discover the defining difference between a “ho-hum” trainer and speaker, and a “transformational trainer”

You’ll discover what it means to be authentic, and how your openness can create an instant connection with any audience in any industry

You’ll discover the importance of creating a safe space for optimal learning

You’ll discover how to get your information to “stick” with your audiences while giving them those big “ah-ha” moments

You’ll discover how becoming more of a transformational trainer will not only expand your business, it will generate the results your clients won’t stop talking about

Listen to the tips here

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