How to Hire, Manage and Lead Thousands

by / Friday, 19 June 2015 / Published in Community, Excellence, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Podcasts

Interview with Lee Cockerell by Lewis Howes-from The School of Greatness

Can you imagine being in charge of 40,000 employees?
How about running operations at Disney World?
Or traveling the world as a renowned public speaker AFTER you retire?
Today’s guest on The School of Greatness has done all of these and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Lee Cockerell is a powerhouse of energy, wisdom and service and it was my privilege to interview him on this episode.

Lee has not only led thousands at companies like Disney, but he has written several books on the lessons he has learned and applied through the years as a stand out leader and manager. (Surprise fact: he dropped out of college because he says he wasn’t smart enough.)

When taking advice about leadership, hiring the right people, and managing your time, take it from a person like Lee.
We cover all these topics as well as his thoughts on health, family, and what is really important in life.

Welcome to a look behind the scenes at what kind of leader heads a company like Disney with Lee Cockerell.

Listen to this great interview here

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