“ How to Hire a Coach or Mentor ”

A useful executive summary and guidelines from IICM- a leading international accreditation Body for Coaches, Mentors, Training Providers and Clients:

It is important that you select the right Coach or Mentor for you and/or your organization. The end result will depend on it. The Coach or Mentor you select will hold you, or the person in your organization working with the Coach or Mentor, accountable for reaching the desired results. Make an informed choice by considering these questions before making your final selection:
1. What coach or mentor specific training does the Coach or Mentor have?
2. Has the Coach or Mentor provided themselves independent verification of their coach or mentor training and experience?
This can be demonstrated by an independent accreditation or credential. All the IICM Coaches and Mentors on the Directory are Professional or Accredited Coaches or Mentors.
3. What type of experience or background do you want your Coach or Mentor to have?
4. What experience is a pre-requisite to understanding the complexity of your scenario?
5. What style of coaching or mentoring are you looking for?
Are you looking for a Coach who provides a specific type of coaching or a Mentor who will provide a combination of knowledge and experience to their mentoring?
6. Has the Coach or Mentor satisfactorily provided details of their background?
7. Is the Coach or Mentor transparent about their coaching?
If the type of coach or mentor you are looking for is not found on the Directory, contact us.
8. What references, testimonials or independent feedback can the Coach or Mentor provide?
Is the Coach or Mentor registered on the Directory and on the IRCM Register?
9. Does the Coach or Mentor understand the brief and boundaries of what you are searching for?
10. How clear are you about the differences between Coaching, Mentoring, and Training?
Which one will meet your exact requirements?
11. Has the Coach or Mentor been recommended to you from someone or an organisation who has been successful when working with them?
12. Does the Coach or Mentor belong to a Professional and Accreditation/Credential Coaching Body?
13. Does the Coach have Professional Indemnity Insurance?
14. What is your anticipated length of commitment for the coaching or mentoring relationship?
15. What procedures does the Coach or Mentor have in place to formalise your coaching or mentoring relationship?
16. What format of Coaching or Mentoring are you looking for?
Face-2-Face … Telephone … Internet … Skype … Email … Individual … Group … Team
17. Does the Coach or Mentor provide an introductory session that allows you to understand whether you could effectively communicate with this Coach or Mentor?

To ensure a positive outcome, it’s important that you and your Coach or Mentor are a ‘good fit’; that you feel motivated when you talk to them and that you are comfortable being challenged. It’s for this reason we suggest you interview more than one Coach or Mentor.

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