Finding Calm in the Midst of Major Life Changes

from the Live Your Legend blog:
Eight years ago, Leo was deeply in debt, 70 pounds overweight, keeping a terrible diet and smoking a pack a day, all while trying to support his family of 6 (now 8) in Guam while working a job he hated.
Over the next few years he systematically transformed every one of his life-threatening habits. He lost 70 pounds, quit smoking, became a vegan, started running marathons (even a 50-mile ultra with me last year – see below), got completely out of debt, became a published author and built Zen Habits into one of the biggest single-author blogs in the world with millions of readers. Time Magazine ranks Zen Habits in the Top 25 blogs, and that success happily supports all eight Babautas.

read more about Leo’s story here

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