Eric Zimmer/The One You Feed-with Todd Henry

from Eric Zimmer’s popular The One You Feed podcasts:
Eric interviews Todd Henry, creator of The Accidental Creative.
They discuss…
• The One You Feed parable.
• What mediocrity means.
• The Seven Deadly Sins of Mediocrity.
• How little choices become a big choice.
• How to pick your battles.
• Why “no one on their deathbed ever wished for another day at the office” is wrong.
• How no one loves every part of their job and that’s ok.
• That a little of something is better than a lot nothing.
• What are Mapping, Making and Meshing?
• The difference between Drivers, Drifters and Developers.
• What is the Project Plateau?
• What is the core practice to transform your work?
• Common Sense is not Common Practice.

listen to the interview here

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