How To Connect with Mentors

by Neil Patel and Aaron Agius, experts in social media and online marketing

a chapter from Neil and Aaron’s eBook “The Complete Guide To Building Your Personal Brand”. Useful for those starting and building their careers

“Some of the most successful people in the world have had mentors. Bill Gates had Dr. Ed Roberts. Steve Jobs have Robert Friedland. Tiger Woods had his father. Elizabeth Taylor had Aubrey Hepburn.

A Mentor is someone that can provide guidance and friendship for your life. They might have experience in the exact life path you want to pursue, but that quality is not a requirement. Often, the best mentors are simply good listeners, educators and friends.

In respect to your personal brand, we recommend finding a mentor. In our Guide, we’ll take you through the reasons a mentor is needed for your professional and personal growth and the process you can use to find the perfect mentor for you and your situation. Finally, we’ll cover how you can approach potential mentors, earn their interest and trust and get them to help you with your pursuits”

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