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When I was 16 years old I went to an event that changed my life… forever. It was hosted by a giant man. Not just any giant.  This giant was the inspiring Tony Robbins. As I sat in my chair in the middle of 15,000 other people, I was amazed at how one man could have so much positive energy, and move an entire audience to take massive action… and get results. There was a moment when Tony actually walked next to me, and I felt a shift in my body when his voice rumbled through my chest. In that moment I decided I wanted to make that same impact on others. 15 years later, I have the pleasure of sharing with you my 1-on-1 interview with Tony, and I would love for you to watch or listen to it listen here  

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by Jan Rutherford for Soundview’s ” 2 Minute Mentor” Self-reliance is an important trait to succeed as an individual, both in life and in business. How often, though, do you hear it in reference to being a great leader? During a recent appearance on Soundview Live, leadership development expert Jan Rutherford discussed points from his

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How to Reinvent Your Career After 50

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 by

by Jennifer Randolph for When the economy fell into recession, many jobs disappeared. As employment rebounded, those eliminated positions did not return. Instead, companies restructured and leveraged technology to do more work with fewer people. Left out of the hiring or re-hiring pool, many experienced workers have found they must reinvent themselves or re-imagine

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by Brian Moran for American Express: If you’re ready to “get your butt off the couch and get into the game of life,” it’s time to get inspired by this successful entrepreneur and leadership expert. The first time I read I Feel Great and You Will Too! by Pat Croce was shortly after it came

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by Elaine Pofeldt for It’s easy to talk yourself out of making a career change if you’re in your forties or beyond, by telling yourself it isn’t practical or realistic. Not so fast! A recent study by the American Institute of Economic Research, an independent research firm in Great Barrington, Mass., had some good

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by Elena Bajic, Founder and CEO of Ivy Exec, a selective online career network for top performers Many job candidates believe finding their next step on the career ladder is a numbers game. They apply for as many appropriate, next-level-up positions as possible and figure the odds are they’ll wind up with something good—and if

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