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A Comprehensive Guide To Surrounding Yourself with the People Who Won’t Let You Fail by Liz Seda of A Life on Your Terms and Scott Dinsmore of “You can either choose to hang around people who pull you down and mock you for going after big goals and thinking differently, or you can choose

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How to Reinvent Your Career After 50

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 by

by Jennifer Randolph for When the economy fell into recession, many jobs disappeared. As employment rebounded, those eliminated positions did not return. Instead, companies restructured and leveraged technology to do more work with fewer people. Left out of the hiring or re-hiring pool, many experienced workers have found they must reinvent themselves or re-imagine

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by George Kao If I started over today, this is what I would do… Gratefully, I now have a full-time coaching business. But if I were starting from scratch today, here are three simple strategies I would implement Learn more from George here  

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by Elena Bajic, Founder and CEO of Ivy Exec, a selective online career network for top performers Many job candidates believe finding their next step on the career ladder is a numbers game. They apply for as many appropriate, next-level-up positions as possible and figure the odds are they’ll wind up with something good—and if

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Burn the Ship and Get a Better Job !

Friday, 27 March 2015 by

by Ryan Clements for Is your career a bad fit? Do you want to make a change but you aren’t sure where to even start? I know that this can be very stressful because I have lived it. I transitioned out of a career (law) that I found disempowering to fulfill my entrepreneurial interests.

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C2 Montréal is a world class immersive 3-day event that appeals as much to the left half of your brain as it does to the right through a vast array of non-traditional experiences. World-renowned speakers, interactive exhibits, collaborative workshops and a collective experience all take place within a custom-designed Innovation Village built exclusively for the

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