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Are You Fully Charged ?

Friday, 19 June 2015 by

Tom Rath’s book interview with Todd Henry of the Accidental Creative Tom Rath is the author of several books, including Strengths Finder 2.0, and Eat Move Sleep. His new book is called Are You Fully Charged?, and addresses the small actions that make a big difference in everyday effectiveness in life and work. Listen to

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by Chris Winfield-for’s Big Ideas: For most of us, the idea of “wasting time” for 15 or 20 % of our day seems pretty unrealistic. But that’s precisely what makes you more productive. In the last 18 months, Chris went from working 60-100 hours a week to much less than 40. He became more

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Ari Meisel is on a mission to make everything in life easier. Meisel, author of Less Doing, More Living, joins Actionable Books for the 2nd episode of their look at how to find rhythm in a non-stop world and how you can make room for the things in life that are important to you. Highlights

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Beyond The Brainstorming Process

Friday, 12 December 2014 by

by FutureThink Founder Lisa Bodell for Strategy + Business Magazine: The notion that the best ideas come from organized brainstorms is an outdated fallacy. Ask leaders how they come up with their groundbreaking ideas and you’ll hear everything from “in the shower” or “at the gym” to “looking totally outside of our industry” and “getting

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from Bain and Company and the Harvard Business Review: We know from extensive research that decisions matter. Companies and individuals that make better decisions, make them faster, and implement them effectively turn in better financial performance than rivals and peers. Focused application of analytic tools can help companies make better, quicker decisions — particularly in

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Interview with Barnet Bain- Producer, Director, Broadcaster and ‘Creativity Doctor’ What distinguishes good, or even great, from extraordinary? What are the boundaries of human potential? These are the topics of a recent article and conversation on a popular weekly radio show called Cutting Edge Consciousness. Deborah Rozman of Heartmath, Inc. joins Barnet to discuss how

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