How to Become a Main Stage TED Speaker: Interview with TED Content Director Kelly Stoetzel

From Live Your Legend’s Scott Dinsmore:
Over the past few decades the TED stage has become one of the most prestigious on the planet. Those who share their ideas in front of that crowd often immediately rocket to the top of their industry. And even their independently organized TEDx events can create a ripple of their own.

To date, by far the most powerful single thing I’ve done for our LYL movement and my career was to stand on the TEDx stage in San Francisco and give my talk on How to Find & Do Work You Love (that’s somehow gotten over 1.7 million views and ranks top 20 of over 40k TEDx talks). I could have given a thousand non-TED-related talks, and I doubt it would have had even close to the same impact. And to prepare – of course – I watched dozens of my favorite top talks.

Watch this interview for great Tips!

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