Arianna Huffington on Building an Empire and Keys to Success

by Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness:

Women as powerful as Arianna Huffington are usually known for creating incredible profits, organizations or movements.
They are associated with companies like Facebook or high-profile political positions.
Dspite being the founder of the incredibly popular Huffington Post, in addition to a NYT bestselling author, TV personality, and mother of two, Arianna is also a huge proponent of . . . sleep.

I had the opportunity recently to meet with Arianna in her newsroom at HuffPost for The School of Greatness.

We talked about her wake up call from burnout (when she collapsed from exhaustion and injured herself 8 years ago) and what she has learned since about wellness, health, and thriving.
In this interview Arianna explains in simple, clear terms the importance of gratitude, positivity, sleep, and good relationships to creating a successful life.

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