7-Step CBT Self Help Course

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The 7-Step Program Package is free to download from as a self directed course or for a nominal fee with Personal Assistance as a Guided Self-Help package.

In addition the site has many worksheets and mp3s for downloading here

A note about CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – and how it can help

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that looks at:

  • How you think about yourself, the world and other people

  • How what you do affects your feelings and thoughts

By making links between what we do, think and feel, CBT can help us make changes in the way we think (“Cognitive”) and the way we act (“Behaviour)”.  Making changes in what we think  will affect what you do and feel, and changing what we do, affects the way we think and feel.  Making these changes then can help us feel better.

CBT basic schema

Whilst it is is helpful to discuss the past and understand how our pasts have influenced our lives and how problems have arisen, CBT mostly focuses on looking for ways to improve your mental wellbeing now. Read more…

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