Jack Canfield Success Principles

America’s #1 Success Coach Jack Canfield sits down with Lewis Howes
of The School of Greatness, for an interview about the Success Principles that have built his life, work, philanthropy, and mindset.

The interview overs:
• How The Success Principles takes the inspiration from Chicken Soup books and shows you HOW
• His tips for networking at events if you’re shy
• How to visualize positive outcomes instead of negative ones to overcome fear
• Why I volunteered to be a chauffeur for someone he wanted to learn from
• The Steps of Forgiveness
• How negative self-talk affects our brains (science on this!)
• What uncommon appreciation is
• How to go on a “rampage of appreciation”
• What to look for when making an investment (go where there is a line of people waiting)
• How I manage my emails
• The daily review: at the end of your day, ask yourself how you could have improved on your day in relation to your goals and then visualize those changes

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