“Winning” by Jack Welch

Soundview Executive Book Summary of Jack and Suzy Welch’s best-selling 2005 book-‘Winning”

What does it take to win? According to Jack Welch, winning in business is great because when companies win, people thrive and grow. There are more jobs and more opportunities everywhere and for everyone.
People feel upbeat about the future, and winning affords them the
opportunity to give back to society in hugely important ways beyond just paying more taxes — they can donate time and money to charities and mentor in inner-city schools, to name just two.
Winning companies and the people who work for them are the engine of
a healthy economy, and, in providing the revenues for government, they are the foundation of a free and democratic society. Winning lifts everyone it
touches — it makes the world a better place.
However, it goes without saying that you have to win the right way ––
cleanly and by the rules. That’s a given. Companies and people that don’t compete fairly don’t deserve to win, and, thanks to well-honed internal company processes and government regulatory agencies, the bad guys are usually found and kicked out of the game.
Winning, however, isn’t only important for top executives but for everyone from the boardroom to the mailroom — who wants to get ahead and help his or her organization. The two are intertwined. For an individual, winning is personal. In the business world, winning is multidimensional.
The successful salesperson, for example, helps not only himself but also his company and everyone connected with it.
Even the most talented businessperson with the best intentions will get nowhere unless he or she knows how to win in today’s complex business world. Business is a game, and winning that game is a total blast!

You will learn:
-The importance of a mission statement and values for a company.
-How a lack of candor is bad for business.
-Differentiation isn’t cruel and Darwinian, but fair and effective.
-How to manage crises under the guidance of a plan of action.
-The art of hiring winners, managing people and parting ways when
the time comes.
-How to find a job that you will love, get a promotion and manage a work/life balance.

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