Transitions: Managing Personal and Organisational Change

by Dai Williams, Eos Career Services:

Have you, your family or friends had any major changes in your work or personal life in the past year? Or do you plan and manage changes for your staff and organisation? If so you are likely to be well aware of the hazards and opportunities of coping with change and the process psychologists call transition, although you may not know it by this name.

Transitions affect us all, up to 10-20 times in our lifetime after major life-events. Coping with change has been a fundamental survival issue for millennia. So human beings have evolved a remarkable mechanism for adapting to trauma and changes. Small changes can be overcome by learning. Larger changes may challenge our identity and involve letting go of deeply held hopes or beliefs.

Transitions enable us to make fundamental changes to how we see the world and respond creatively to our new reality, good or bad. They happen spontaneously. But because they take 6-12 months or more to work through most people are unaware of the process

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