THE RESILIENCE DIVIDEND: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong

from Eric J. McNulty for Strategy + Business Magazine:

Eric J. McNulty is the Director of Research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative and writes frequently about leadership and resilience.

“Resilience may indeed be the catchword of the year. The Rockefeller Foundation has this year begun funding Chief Resilience Officers in 100 cities around the world as part of its 100 Resilient Cities program, part of the foundation’s effort to make resilience one of its pillars in its second 100 years. Its director, Judith Rodin, has a new book, The Resilience Dividend, out on the subject this month (full disclosure: I’m quoted in it)—it’s the latest in a series of attempts to promote resilience”

Link to article here

Review on Judith Rodin’s Book here

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