“Realizing Empathy “

As humans, we are all after a meaningful and sustainable life. Through the lens of the creative process, Sueng Chan Lim (“Slim”), award-winning Designer, Researcher, and Author, has embarked on a journey in his project “Realizing Empathy ” which reframes what empathy is, why it is valuable, and how it can be better realized, developed, and facilitated.
Creativity and innovation are simply side effects of our desires and abilities to empathize and to connect, according to Slim. He says we strive to share an integrative model of what empathy is, how it can be better realized, as well as how it can be embodied in conversations with people, computers, or our own minds and bodies.

As a meta-designer, Slim brings his 15 years of experience in design & innovation to consult, train, coach and speak at companies & universities around the globe on amplifying, developing, and maintaining an effective, constructive, and collaborative culture of innovation and continuous learning.

To hear more, view his exclusive presentation on Vimeo here

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