What I learned about daily rituals from the world’s greatest creatives…

Book Commentary by Shane O’Leary:
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book that condensed down mounds and mounds of research on how the best creatives ever worked? Perhaps the book could describe what amazing artists, poets, writers, musicians like Joyce, Beethoven, Hemingway, Mozart, Darwin, Twain and hundreds of other great minds did each day, and what we can learn from their rituals?
Lucky for us all, there is, and it’s fantastic!
Daily Rituals began as an amateur Tumblr blog, describing the routines and quirky working styles of creatives, until curator Mason Currey was approached by a publisher and asked to collate all of the stories into one book.
According to Currey, it turned out perfectly, and it’s certainly a fascinating read all the way through. There are gems everywhere. It’s probably my most underlined book ever, and that’s saying something. I found it enthralling and addictive to go through each story, marking the common threads that run through the book and trying to apply the logic to my own life.

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