LinkedIn Influencers at 22 – what they wish they knew

A great selection of infinite wisdom, from our friends at LinkedIn:

I wish I’d known sooner that success isn’t defined
by who goes the longest without vacation.
Arianna Huffington
President and Editor-in-Chief at the Huffington Post Media Group

I’m lucky my future wasn’t doomed by my foolish
actions at 22. Everyone needs a second chance.
Richard Branson
Founder at Virgin Group

Be prepared to change your point of view. I swore
I’d never design a crossover SUV. Now look!….
Ian Callum
Director of Design at Jaguar

On Day 1 of my surgical rotation, I fainted at
seeing blood. Here’s how I got through it.
Deepak Chopra
Founder, Chopra Foundation

When I was 22, I worked as a security guard at IBM.
Show up, knock on the door, and then run through.
Maynard Webb
Chairman, Yahoo!; Former COO, eBay

I felt lost so at 22, I moved to Mexico and then
hit 19 countries in 9 months. I’d do it again.
Claire Diaz-Ortiz
Early Twitter employee, author, Silicon Valley innovator

I didn’t know it was possible to start a business
at 22. Now I invest in big dreamers.
Robert Herjavec
Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, Founder of The Herjavec Group

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