How to Reach Out to Powerful People : 7 Tips

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“I regularly receive emails from readers who want to know how to reach powerful people. By powerful people, they mean people who have the power to change their career, because if they could just reach them, then hardest part would be behind (wrong).
It’s one thing to get someone’s contact. It’s another thing altogether to reach someone in a way that will grant you an answer- maybe even a coffee and eventually will lead to building a lasting relationship”.

Authors and entrepreneurs Tim Ferris and Ramit Sethi have had years of experience sending cold-call emails to powerful people while climbing the ladder and scanning through thousands of emails from people wanting something from them, now that they are very high on the said ladder.

In an informative and entertaining 2 hour conversation on Ferriss’ podcast, the two men exchange thoughts and tips on a variety of topics, including the Do’s and Don’ts to enhance one’s chance to reach out to powerful people. Ferris and Sethi’s knowledge and advice can easily be tweaked and applied to any professional exchange, whether to reach powerful managers, partners, suppliers, or to cultivate strong relationship with peers.

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