CoachingCloud is an online platform for Coaches and Mentors to:

  • develop their own skills and competencies with their Buddy Coaching System
  • to manage the principle aspects of their business in a highly professional manner

Their site clearly publishes various rates for using the platform depending on whether you are an Individual, an Enterprise growing your business or a Corporation running an internal program to nurture employees talents.  Nevertheless there is a free sign up to allow potential customers to get used to the tools before committing to a plan.

The Buddy Coaching Development Process is also of interest to those wishing to solidify their own skills as a mentor or coach.

Buddy Coaching is described on their site as a six week development intensive process for coaches and mentors that offers the opportunity to:

  • Practice and improve your coaching skills in a relatively safe environment
  • Gain more of the “flying hours” necessary to truly improve ones skills
  • Experience other approaches and styles of coaching
  • Develop your professional presentation style and enhance your appreciation for what professional practice entails
  • Build your continuous professional development practice within CoachingCloud
  • Receive valuable coaching input on your own coaching issues
  • Develop your confidence

Very few coach trainings today offer enough supervised practice for you to be confident, competent and ready, Buddy Coaching will help develop your confidence and competence

How does it work?

The Buddy Coaching Community is a group of established and new coaches all interested in developing their client handling skills, refining their professional presentation and continuing their professional development. Entrance is by application only to ensure we maintain professional standards within the community.

The Buddy Coaching programme is a six week exchange of session with a clear schedule, an agenda, guidelines, reflective practice processes, and structured feedback. The process will guide you in a structured but relaxed way, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery, and that a complete piece of work is performed.

For more about the founder, James Stokes, and the concept read About CoachingCloud

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