The 21st Century Workplace – Optimize, Automate, Outsource

Ari Meisel is on a mission to make everything in life easier. Meisel, author of Less Doing, More Living, joins Actionable Books for the 2nd episode of their look at how to find rhythm in a non-stop world and how you can make room for the things in life that are important to you. Highlights of their conversation include:

-Ari’s key beliefs around growing a business in a healthful way
-How having Crohn’s disease revolutionized the way Ari works
-How to reclaim awareness and the tools Ari uses do that What is the -Less Doing (optimize, automate, outsource) model?
-Why jumping to outsourcing isn’t the best idea (and why you should start small)
-Working in bursts and how Ari packs more into 3 hours than he would in a traditional 8 hour day.

listen to the insights here

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